The Matchmaking Dating App!

Whether you're trying to find your single friends a date, or you want to meet people yourself, WiseEyes is for you.

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Join Squads

Be your friends' ultimate wingman by joining their squad and matching them with people they might be interested in.

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Make Matches

Create matches between the people in your feed and your friends.

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Earn Badges

Earn badges by making successful matches. See how many you can get!

It's Fun and Easy to be a Matchmaker!

When you join your friend's squad, you become their matchmaker. To create a match, just tap and hold on a card in your feed. Drag it on top of your friend's card, and let go. Easy!

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Location Aware

Find people near you and your friends that they would be interested in.

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Real Time Search

WiseEyes will always keep you and your squads' search criteria in sync so you'll never miss a match opportunity. If someone pops up nearby, we'll put them in your feed.

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Swipe and Chat

If you want to meet people too, you can swipe cards in your feed. If they like you back, you can start messaging each other!

Want to Meet People, Too?

In addition to matchmaking, you can be matched by your friends. If someone you like appears in your feed, swipe them. If the feeling is mutual, you can start messaging! And we'll even show you all of the matchmakers!